My dear

have you ever imagined jannah?

Al- Firdaus : the garden of Paradise

where life never demise

there is no sunset and sunrise,

the day will start and end by Allah’s noor.

No sorrows, no worries

happiness filled in diaries.

People of every nation

living in palaces beyond imagination

fruits and flowers of every kind

in dresses of silk tho shall be twined.

Adorn with jewels of pearls and gold

a place where you will never grow old.

Imagine a day,

being with Prophets at your place

an atmosphere filled with love and embrace.

Infinite alhmdulilha you will say

that your lord didn’t let you astray.

What could be better than this?

But my dear, there is something you don’t wanna miss

the biggest of reward is yet to come

biggest than all the rewards and its sum.

The people of Jannah will receive a reward greater

What’s more beautiful than seeing their Creator?

Jannah, a goal so close

for those who obey ALLAH and stick by the rope.


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