We always hear that ‘Don’t get attached with this duniya’. What do we think after hearing this? Attachment to something tangible, something materialistic? But does this only mean that we shouldn’t be attached to something materialistic? How often do we think that one important thing this line says is attachment to people? Have you ever thought that maybe we are so attached to this duniya cause we are attached to its people. People you love, you care for, what if they leave you suddenly? We are so attached to people that when something happens or when they don’t talk to us, we just leave everything. We don’t want to eat, drink or do anything. And sometimes this attachment leads to suicidal thoughts. This attachment could be like drugs, you crave for people like a drug addict craves for drugs. You feel restless. And this restlessness leads you to nowhere.

You love someone, but they cut you off from their life, they don’t talk to you anymore. Now you just spend days, weeks, months and years mourning over something which weren’t yours. You become unproductive, just waste your precious time by dwelling in the past. Sometimes you not only waste your time, but also you get far away from your Lord. Now thinking about this, what answer will you give to your lord, when he’ll ask you about the time you wasted? When he’ll ask you what was so important to you than praying 5 times? What reason will you say to your Lord for not worshipping him?

Wake up!! Don’t waste your time. Instead of mourning, make wudu sit on the place where you pray and ask Allah to remove love of everything that doesn’t belong to you. Ask Him to fill your heart with his love. Talk to him, He’s there to solve every problem of yours.


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