Love? Nowadays people claim to love you, but do they really know the meaning of love? What is love? It's not just a four letter word or a just an emotion we misunderstand with attraction.  Love is when khadija r.a believed in Prophet s.a.w.s when no one did.  Love is when Hajra didn't said anything to... Continue Reading →



We always hear that ‘Don't get attached with this duniya’. What do we think after hearing this? Attachment to something tangible, something materialistic? But does this only mean that we shouldn't be attached to something materialistic? How often do we think that one important thing this line says is attachment to people? Have you ever... Continue Reading →


My dear have you ever imagined jannah? Al- Firdaus : the garden of Paradise where life never demise there is no sunset and sunrise, the day will start and end by Allah's noor. No sorrows, no worries happiness filled in diaries. People of every nation living in palaces beyond imagination fruits and flowers of every... Continue Reading →

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